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  • Woodoo, a reinvented wood-Smart Ideas of Thursday 6 May 2021 2021/05/10

Extract from the SMART IMPACT programme on Thursday 6 May 2021, presented by Thomas Hugues on the BSMART channel. In this SMART IDEAS section, our CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, explains how Woodoo gives wood pioneering properties, thanks to technology (in french).

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  • Buildings of tomorrow 2021/04/26

Thanks to biobased materials, the cities of tomorrow will become low-carbon. In its latest issue of “T La Revue”, La Tribune profiles Timothée Boitouzet, and explains how our biomaterial is revaluing wood to make it a visionary building material (article in french).

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  • Wood from sustainable forestry 2021/03/04

Our planet needs us to grow trees in sustainable forestry. CORDIS the European Community Research and Development Information Service, explains in a very complete article how our plant-based and locally sourced biomaterials infuse technological projects. For example, in automotive, construction, and more (article in 6 languages).

  • Design and biomaterials 2021/03/01

How to combine technology and sustainability to serve design? Biomaterials also have their place in the automotive industry.
The magazine Automobil Industrie explains new practices and trends and presents Woodoo’s innovations (article in German).

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  • New uses of wood 2021/02/26

Our augmented wood offers a solution that combines innovation, local and renewable. Discover the new uses that our biomaterials will bring to our daily lives in the new episode of “Habitons demain” produced by TF1 and LeroyMerlin (video in french).

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  • An innovative and translucent wood 2021/02/08

The German magazine Immobilien describes the potential of renewable and innovative materials, especially in new uses of wood (article in German).

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  • Woodoo technology to replace harmful materials 2021/02/03

Focus on our mission and environmental objectives in the technology section of the podcast n°38, broadcast in the programme Le Journal Des Stratèges, presented by Hamann & Benson Strategy (podcast in french).

  • We speed up and it shows! 2021/02/02

Woodoo under the spotlights from France 3 Champagne Ardenne: First visit in our production unit in Rosières-près-Troyes, where all the magic happens (video in french).

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  • Industrial development, two key partnerships 2021/01/26

Thank you to L’Est Éclair for highlighting the accelerated development of our industrial production via our decisive partnerships with DUQUEINE Group and P.S.I Pont Sur Seine Industries, which enabled us to considerably increase our industrial park. Oliver Legrand, Managing Director of Woodoo, and Olivier Grange, Marketing and Communication Director, look back on this important development for Woodoo’s history. (article in french)

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  • ET DEMAIN ? A screen made of wood (CES 2021) 2021/01/15

Extract from the special CES 2021 Smart Tech broadcast presented by Delphine Sabattier on the BSMART channel. Cecilia SEVERI presents Woodoo in her chronicle ET DEMAIN? (video in french)

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  • CES2021 innovations: the new wooden displays are there! 2021/01/15

Automobil Industrie is highlighting Woodoo among the innovative and game-changing startups in the automotive industrie at CES 2021. Read here an extract of the article in German (also translated in English) or click on the link to read the full article (in German).

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  • Woodoo is part of the French Tech selection for CES2021 2021/01/14

Woodoo si proud to be part of La French Tech selection of CES 2021 Exclusives published by Ubergizmo.

  • Reinventing luxury through innovation and environmental commitment 2021/01/14

Journal du Luxe looks back on our latest progress, highlighting our environmental commitment as well as our search for innovation and our true quest: to replace the harmful materials that are overused on our planet, such as plastics and concrete. (article in french)

  • Jury’s “Coup de Coeur” award for Woodoo 2020/12/22

Woodoo is proud to have won the jury’s “Coup de Coeur” award at the CIC Start Innovation Business Awards, a competition dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies. Maddyness offers us a retrospective of this event.

  • A wood for the 21st century 2020/12/12

Following our Grand Prix at the “CIC Start Innovation” Grand Est awards, an excellent article from Forum Eco. It nicely summarizes our history, our vocation and our innovations. (article in french)

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  • Electric cars with high-tech Woodoo surfaces 2020/12/07

Wards Auto presents Woodoo as one of the 7 French start-ups innovating in 2020 to promote the development of electric vehicles. In this article, our augmented wood is described as a revolutionary material that allows the realization of tactile surfaces and high performance augmented wood structures, ideal for new generation electric vehicles.

  • From trees to high technology 2020/12/04

The november issue of Le Figaro Sciences on “L’arbre est l’avenir de l’Homme” (“Tree is the future of mankind”) explains how design is creating new materials from trees. Our augmented wood is presented as a one-of-a-kind high-tech material (article in french).

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  • Woodoo a sustainable and disruptive wood 2020/11/02

This article, written by «French Design», presents Woodoo augmented wood as a bio-material that meets the needs of sustainable design, thanks to a lower impact on the environment and a better recyclability rate. (article in french)

  • Woodoo amongst inspiring innovators reinventing luxury 2020/09/25

Read Forbes’ insights on today’s luxury innovators. In this inspiring article, Woodoo is highlighted for its commitment towards societal impacts and its aim to fuse technology with Nature to reinvent translucent tactile surfaces for aeronautics and automotive luxury.

  • Woodoo leads the way to a new green economy 2020/09/10

The construction industry will be facing many challenges in the forthcoming years. To cope with these challenges, Woodoo is committed to develop new materials. The french magazine Capital has selected our technologies in an article on game-changing startups (in french)

  • Startup of the month for a greener world 2020/07/20

The press is echoing the 18 Worldwide Patents we have filed on our greentech materials and the launch of our new production unit. For instance we are highlighted this summer by Management Magazine that made us “startup of the month”! (article in french)

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  • Woodoo among the first Solar Impulse innovators 2020/06/02

Woodoo is very proud to be selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation among their impressive panel of 500 brilliant innovations. We were happy to thank them for their constant support by participating in this celebration video.

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  • Nature and Greentech for a better way of building 2020/05/19

Nature is powerful and smart. It is an endless source of inspiration for reinventing building materials: Woodoo is one of the innovations identified in this industry (article in Italian).

  • A new generation of composite wood is rising 2020/05/13

JEC COMPOSITES highlights Woodoo among other innovators and composites experts in the very first edition of its TV Podcast. Watch the exclusive interview of our founder, Timothée Boitouzet.

  • New materials will be shaping tomorrow’s architecture 2020/04/03

The construction industry must find new materials to cope to our environmental issues. Woodoo is selected in the “Materials of the future” special edition of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine (A’A).

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  • Established since 2017 in the Aube Technopole 2020/02/28

Always glad to be highlighted in the Grand Est area where we have set up our laboratories and production plant since 2017. (article in french)

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  • Paving the way towards EcoConstruction 2020/01/20

The 2020 l’ADN Book of Trends highlights the unique characteristics of Woodoo biomaterials in the construction industry, and how they will help reduce the use of concrete in tomorrow’s cities (An interview with Olivier Grange – SVP Communications. In french)

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  • Heroes committed for sustainability with Timberland 2019/12/04

Learn more about Timberland campaign “Nature Needs Heroes”, and how they are concretely committing for sustainability. And discover why our CEO is part of the 12 “heroes” choosen by the brand to bear the flag of sustainable engagement. (article in italian)

  • Translucent wood for building the future 2019/11/27

The European research and innovation magazine Horizon presents our green tech for construction and smart surfaces alongside other researches on wood from the KTH Institute in Sweden.

  • Tomorrow’s luxury is undergoing deep transformations 2019/11/13

Even Luxury is transforming thanks to new technologies. L’Express Styles highlights 3 startups providing innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Woodoo is one of them. (article in french)

  • A technology highlighting nature’s power 2019/11/08

Featured in Neomag, a magazine about sustainable construction, Olivier Grange explains how Woodoo transcends nature’s intelligence through green technology.
(article in french)

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  • Woodoo: enhancing a primitive material with high technology 2019/10/11

Radio Lac looks back at Woodoo’s technology and its history, with Benoit Rouchaleau, in the program “Le monde de demain” (“World of tommorow”). In french.

  • What will the habitat of the future look like? 2019/10/04

How do we imagine Habitat in 2049? Connected houses, new settlements, limited ownership, new materials… Timothée Boitouzet addressed these topics and more with 9 other guests at a round table organized by l’Obs magazine on the theme “What will tomorrow’s houses look like?” (article in french)

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  • Woodoo, the material of the future? 2019/10/02

Timothée Boitouzet reviews Woodoo’s history, ambitions and values for The Good Life magazine. Interview conducted by Julien Chassagne. (article in french)

  • The Choiseul Institute presents its 2019 ranking 2019/10/02

After being identified in 2018 in the 1st ranking of the “Choiseul City of Tomorrow”, Woodoo, represented by Timothée Boitouzet, is among the 200 personalities under 40 selected this year by the Institut Choiseul that reinvent and transform our cities every day.
The “Choiseul City of tomorrow 2019” identifies, selects and ranks young leaders who, through their activity and expertise, play or will play a major role in the emergence and co-construction of innovative and sustainable cities of the future: a panorama of vital forces that are transforming our cities every day. (article in french)

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  • 9 Startups to build new smart cities 2019/09/30

The startup accelerator Plug and Play is highlighting Woodoo among the innovative initiatives that will help to build tomorrow’s cities thanks to their deep-tech. Olivier Grange, SVP Marketing and Communications, explain how Woodoo, inventor of sustainable biomaterials with high level of strength, will transform the construction industry.

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  • The wood of tomorrow is becoming sturdier every day 2019/09/20

Timothée Boitouzet sat down for an interview with Barbara Guicheteau, featured in the Match Avenir section of Paris Match. Focus on Woodoo’s beginnings, the production process of the augmented wood… (article in French)

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  • A revolution in the wood industry? 2019/08/29

In the radio show “En 5 minutes” on Qub Radio, Charles Trahan highlights our wood treatment process that will allow to build wooden skyscrapers, stronger and more durable than metal or concrete (in French).

  • Woodoo: reinforced wood for the future 2019/08/22

Wooden towers multiply. Yet some real estate developers, assuming lower stiffness and durability than concrete, can still be hesitant. This article from L’Express reviews the properties of Woodoo bio-materials that could make it the real alternative to conventional building materials.

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  • Augmented wood as an alternative to concrete 2019/08/08

Woodoo is presented by Le Figaro as the next-gen material among the technological innovations for future eco-responsible and connected housing.

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  • Woodoo : a green idea to be investigated 2019/08/08

The twelve most promising ideas for a greener futur are gathered by Bruno Askenazi in an article for Capital Magazine (in french). Identified as a solution for concrete issues, Woodoo positions itself as the new inspiring material.

  • Woodoo: a hybrid wood for tomorrow’s constructions 2019/06/21

Get to know how Woodoo takes part in the “resource revolution” with this article about our hybrid wood in the latest issue of Open Resource, Suez’s “bio-inspired future magazine”. A compendium of ideas and solutions to cope with the scarcity of resources and the increasing urbanization.

  • Woodoo applies transparency 2019/06/17

To take better advantage of wood to get beautiful, strong and fireproof composites pieces, that’s Woodoo’s goal. “Plastiques & Caoutchoucs Magazine” explains how the start-up plans to set up it’s industrialisation process. (This article is in french)

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  • The XXI century is wood’s Golden Age 2019/04/17

Ecological issues are challenging the companies of tomorrow. Offering comfort, esthetics and durability, wood seems the best alternative for French construction industry. According to Le Moniteur, Woodoo is one of the most disrupting start-ups in this sector.

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  • Our innovation awarded at the JEC Composites Show 2019/03/13

At JEC World 2019 – the leading international Composites Show – Woodoo was amongst the 10 finalists, selected from 120 entries this year. During the event, we had the chance to participate to the pitch sessions in front of an international jury that awarded us JEC World StartUp Booster Winner!

  • Startup Autobahn 2019: 7 new partners 2019/02/25

The innovation platform Startup Autobahn continues its development. For its 2019 ExpoDay, 7 additional young and forward thinking companies help the founders develop their ideas. Read how Woodoo takes place amongst them! (in german)

  • New skyscrapers: taller, more sober 2019/02/11

An interesting prospective article in Les Echos, showcasing opportunities to make forest-cities of our living spaces. It features the W350 Sumitomo tower, and how Woodoo could provide a technical answer to this ambitious project and reconcile ecologists and architects (article in french).

  • Woodoo made it into the program 5 of START UP AUTOBAHN! 2019/01/18

Europe’s largest automotive innovation platform starts its fifth round with 34 startups from 10 countries (including 25 from Europe, 5 from the USA, 4 from Israel) this 21st of February. STARTUP AUTOBAHN present the newest technologies, facilitate joint projects between startups and corporations, and offers access to VC’s, mentors, hardware lab, expertise, tools and office space. Woodoo will be showcased on the event with its latest tactile onboard HMI, designed for one of the major Premium German car manufacturer. We can’t wait to unveil!

  • The new precious wood 2019/01/17

Woodoo is featured in Technology Review from Heise. Discover their overview of some of the most promising biomaterial initiatives and wood projects around the world (in german).

  • The wonderful world of materials 2018/12/11

Woodoo is featured in Think ING, the magazine of the young engineers of the German Metallurgical Industry (in german)

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  • One in 20 efficient solutions for our planet 2018/12/08

Woodoo is highlighted among the 20 initiatives (out of 1000) presented in La Tribune by Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation (in french)

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  • Is sustainability the new luxury? 2018/12/07

How Woodoo seeks to revolutionize the way we use an age-old material, as seen by Advantage, the magazine of the aircraft manufacturer Embraer

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  • Woodoo, a wood material for building the future 2018/11/05

The “Aujourd’hui pour Demain” series on Motherboard (the VICE channel that decodes the relationships between technology and society) explores the technology initiatives that are building our future. Awarded by EDF Pulse 2017, Woodoo’s innovative augmented wood is one of the most promising in the world. A video in french.

  • Wood is the new concrete 2018/11/02

Woodoo has been labelled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution, one of the 1000 clean and profitable solutions selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation to help decision-makers adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

  • Woodoo reveals its species at the “Places d’Or” 2018/10/26

During the luxury and packaging event of the “Places d’Or” 2018, Woodoo reveals for the first time to the public the exceptional qualities and properties of its differents wood species.
Walnut, sapelli or smoked eucalyptus can be discovered alongside the amazing plane tree, with its panther skin paterns, or the “simple” poplar, finally enhanced by the exclusive patented process of Woodoo.

Young bio-engineering startup specialized in the development of augmented wood, Woodoo transforms real wood and reinforces it at the molecular level to make it 3 times sturdier than conventional wood, weatherproof, more resistant to fire, 100% recyclable and incredibly translucent: an advanced high-performance material with unrivaled environmental performance and unprecedented aesthetics.

Its vast field of innovations has been rewarded with many international and national awards (MIT Innovator of the Year, Horizon 2020 Award from the European Commission, Solar Impulse Award…). The applications for this extraordinary material range from luxury to packaging and automotive, and soon to construction. Come and discover it from November the 13th to the 15th in the prestigious setting of Hotel Le Meurice in Paris!

  • Fulbright For The Future award 2018/09/15

Fulbright, a Franco-American commission, has been a key partner in Woodoo’s development. Presentation by Timothée Boitouzet for the Fulbright For The Future award (in french).

  • Augmented wood, the future of architecture ? 2018/07/31

In an interview by Usbek & Rica, Timothée Boitouzet explains Woodoo’s vision: reinvent wood to build the city of tomorrow (in french).

  • Translucent wood: a resistant and sustainable material for constructing the buildings of the future 2017/11/15

When the planet is home to the almost 12 billion people that the UN calculates will inhabit the Earth by the year 2100, where will they live? In less than 15 years, the organization estimates that there will be 3 billion people in need of proper housing worldwide. Against this backdrop, any sustainable and economically viable option that allows us to create new housing more quickly and efficiently could form part of the solution. And the young, French architect Timothée Boitouzet has a wood-based proposal that could serve just this purpose.

  • Wood: material of the future 2017/02/15

Keynote by Timothée Boitouzet at EmTech France, as the MIT Technology Review french innovator of the year 2016.

  • Transluscent wood for the 21st century 2017/02/06

Timothée Boitouzet in a report and an interview on the French television France 3, in the economical TV Show “In Situ” (french version only).

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  • Wood of the future: more rigid, less flammable and less opaque 2017/02/02

Woodoo presented on the french television France 2 in the morning TV show TéléMatin (in french)

  • The wood we will build the skyscrapers of the future with 2017/01/15

Woodoo presented by Vodafone One (in spanish).

  • The inventor of the bionic wood creates his startup : Woodoo 2016/11/28

Presentation of the startup in french magazine les Echos Entrepreneurs (in french)

In this interview, Timothée Boitouzet, the founder of Woodoo, talks about our augmented, rot-proof and more resistant wood. Presented at the Emtech France event, this "reinforced wood" could, according to its creator, become the basic material for the cities of the future.
  • A “reinforced wood” for the city of the future 2016/10/26

In this interview, Timothée Boitouzet, the founder of Woodoo, talks about our augmented, rot-proof and more resistant wood. Presented at the Emtech France event, this “reinforced wood” could, according to its creator, become the basic material for the cities of the future (article in french).

  • Woodoo, an elegant and bold idea 2016/10/21

Woodoo presented by Sophie Bécherel on french radio France Inter in the radio show Futur Proche (in french)

  • Europe 1 Demain – La Terre 2016/08/06

Overview of Woodoo by Timothée Boitouzet in La Terre from french radio program Europe 1 Demain (from the 28th minute). This program, presented by Anicet Mbida and Alain Cirou, highlights french solutions, initiatives and innovations that help building a better future (in french).

  • What if wood became the material of the 21st century ? 2016/06/05

Woodoo presented by Timothée Boitouzet at the event L’Echappée Volée, now BOMA France (in french).

  • Biology for architecture 2016/06/05

Woodoo presented on french TV M6 in the information program 19.45 (in french).

  • In the town of the future, the towers of La Défense will be built with wood 2016/05/18

Interview of Timothée Boitouzet in french magazine Le Monde (in french)

  • “Super Wood” for the architecture of the future 2016/05/03

Woodoo reviewed by Anthony Morel with Jean-Jacques Bourdin: “super wood” for the architecture of the future, in Bourdin Direct show on french radio RMC (in french).

  • A french architect creates a “super wood” which could be used to build skyscrapers 2016/05/03

Anthony Morel highlights Woodoo’s “reinforced wood” on french television BFMTV, in Culture Geek show (in french).

  • Woodoo presented by french magazine Science et Avenir 2016/04/25

Winner of the MIT prize for innovators under 35, Timothée Boitouzet has developed a hybrid wood that could revolutionize the construction sector (in french).

  • Translucent and solid wood to build buildings 2016/04/20

Woodoo presented by Virginie Garin, in the radio show Terres d’Innovations, on french radio RTL (in french).

  • Timothée Boitouzet elected as the Innovator of the Year under 35 2016/04/14

Timothée Boitouzet’s election as Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review, lived by the Franco-American commission Fulbright (in french).

  • The young French innovator of the year wants to create translucent wooden skyscrapers 2016/04/14

Woodoo presented by the french magazine Industrie et Technologie (in french)

  • Woodoo in one minute 2016/04/08

One minute to learn more about Woodoo. Filmed by Welcome To The Jungle for the Concours Edhec Entreprendre (in french).

  • Translucent wood for the house of the future ? 2016/04/06

Cut out a very thin slice of wood and you can observe a slight transparency. Nice, but very fragile. Fortunately, Woodoo decided to offer transparent wooden boards. Our ingredients: biosourced polymers that were injected into the wood, he was allowed to let 10 to 20% of the light and make it more resistant.

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