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  • Woodoo made it into the program 5 of START UP AUTOBAHN 2019/01/18

Europe’s largest innovation platform starts its fifth round with 34 startups from 10 countries (including 25 from Europe, 5 from the USA, 4 from Israel), who together raised over $180m and got accepted into the program with over 50 pilot projects. STARTUP AUTOBAHN is not only talking or showcasing the newest technology, we facilitate joint projects between startups and corporations and offers access to VC’s, mentors, hardware lab, expertise, tools and office space.

  • The new precious wood

Woodoo is featured in Technology Review from Heise (in german)

  • The wonderful world of materials 2018/12/11

Woodoo is featured in Think ING, the magazine of the young engineers of the German Metallurgical Industry (in german)

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  • One in 20 efficient solutions for our planet 2018/12/08

Woodoo is highlighted among the 20 initiatives (out of 1000) presented in La Tribune by Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation (in french)

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  • Is sustainability the new luxury? 2018/12/07

How Woodoo seeks to revolutionize the way we use an age-old material, as seen by Advantage, the magazine of the aircraft manufacturer Embraer

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  • Woodoo, a wood material for building the future 2018/11/05

The “Aujourd’hui pour Demain” series on Motherboard (the VICE channel that decodes the relationships between technology and society) explores the technology initiatives that are building our future. Awarded by EDF Pulse 2017, Woodoo’s innovative augmented wood is one of the most promising in the world. A video in french.

  • Wood is the new concrete 2018/11/02

Woodoo has been labelled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution, one of the 1000 clean and profitable solutions selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation to help decision-makers adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

  • Woodoo reveals its species at the “Places d’Or” 2018/10/26

During the luxury and packaging event of the “Places d’Or” 2018, Woodoo reveals for the first time to the public the exceptional qualities and properties of its differents wood species.
Walnut, sapelli or smoked eucalyptus can be discovered alongside the amazing plane tree, with its panther skin paterns, or the “simple” poplar, finally enhanced by the exclusive patented process of Woodoo.

Young bio-engineering startup specialized in the development of augmented wood, Woodoo transforms real wood and reinforces it at the molecular level to make it 3 times sturdier than conventional wood, weatherproof, more resistant to fire, 100% recyclable and incredibly translucent: an advanced high-performance material with unrivaled environmental performance and unprecedented aesthetics.

Its vast field of innovations has been rewarded with many international and national awards (MIT Innovator of the Year, Horizon 2020 Award from the European Commission, Solar Impulse Award…). The applications for this extraordinary material range from luxury to packaging and automotive, and soon to construction. Come and discover it from November the 13th to the 15th in the prestigious setting of Hotel Le Meurice in Paris!

  • Translucent wood: a resistant and sustainable material for constructing the buildings of the future 2017/11/15

When the planet is home to the almost 12 billion people that the UN calculates will inhabit the Earth by the year 2100, where will they live? In less than 15 years, the organization estimates that there will be 3 billion people in need of proper housing worldwide. Against this backdrop, any sustainable and economically viable option that allows us to create new housing more quickly and efficiently could form part of the solution. And the young, French architect Timothée Boitouzet has a wood-based proposal that could serve just this purpose.

  • Transluscent wood for the 21st century 2017/02/06

Timothée Boitouzet in a report and an interview on the French television France 3, in the economical TV Show “In Situ” (french version only).

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