We blend nature and technology to design
patented groundbreaking new materials

  • We have developed a technical process to remove the weak lignin parts of a wood board’s structure, replacing the lignin with a custom polymer. The result is a sustainable material with the strength profile of metal and the cost profile of low-grade wood.
  • We are one of the most awarded deeptech startups in Europe, with over 30 accolades since 2017. The company is led by an acclaimed architect and Harvard-trained biochemist. We have generated significant early traction in multiple industries and are engaged through customer pilots with top automotive OEMs and suppliers. 


3x sturdier than wood



low CO2 footprint

low-grade species compatible

fire resistant

dimensionally stable



We transform native wood
into a touch-sensitive surface

We make it translucent,
moldable and recyclable

We aim to reshape the antiquated, trillion dollar automotive and construction materials industries



Our multi-patented breakthrough technology creates an augmented wood that is strong and moldable: for the first time, wood panels can be bent into any shape without breakage. It allows radically new aesthetics for consumer electronics, connected objects, smartphones…

  • Woodoo’s unprecedented new material can be used like touchscreen when connected to electronics.



Driven by the emergence of autonomous driving, as decorative interior trim parts in mobility become interactive, we develop innovative surfaces for the premium car segment and tomorrow for all means of transportation (trains, buses, jets, boats…).

  • As an alternative to glass and plastics, Woodoo offers an immersive on-demand information solution.




Construction materials are running out: we are facing a global shortage of raw materials (steel, sand) and an unprecedented urbanization boom. Being the only construction material that grows by itself and absorbs CO2, wood could be the right solution for the future of building.

  • Woodoo’s materials are needed at a time of environmental strain to build faster, cleaner and higher.



  • International

  • JEC Composite

    JEC Composite

    Startup Booster WINNER, March 2019

  • SME Instrument Phase 2

    SME Instrument Phase 2

    European Commission, July 2018

  • European Innovator of the year

    European Innovator of the year

    European Summit, October 2016

  • Fulbright for the Future Prize

    Fulbright for the Future Prize

    Fulbright Commission, November 2018

  • World Alliance Award

    World Alliance Award

    Solar Impulse Foundation, May 2018

  • Global Shapers Award

    Global Shapers Award

    World Economic Forum, September 2016

  • EDF Pulse

    EDF Pulse

    EDF Foundation, September 2017

  • SME Innovation Associate

    SME Innovation Associate

    European Commission, June 2017

  • SmartEES


    European Commission, September 2018

  • Startup Autobahn Award

    Startup Autobahn Award

    Plug&Play, September 2018

  • Runner-up Prize

    Runner-up Prize

    CleanTech Open World 2017 – San Francisco, February 2017

  • Climate KIC Prize

    Climate KIC Prize

    European Institute of Innovation & Technology, September 2016

  • National

  • French Innovator of the year

    French Innovator of the year

    MIT Technology Review - Innovators Under 35

  • i-LAB – National research Award

    i-LAB – National research Award

    French Ministry of Research and Innovation, June 2017

  • France AgriMer

    France AgriMer

    French Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

  • GreenTech Verte

    GreenTech Verte

    French Ministry of the Environment, November 2016

  • ADEME IPME Eco-conception

    ADEME IPME Eco-conception

    France Climate Agency, November 2016

  • Grand Prix de l’Innovation de la Ville de Paris

    Grand Prix de l’Innovation de la Ville de Paris

    Eco-innovation category, December 2016

  • 100 Under 40 making tomorrow’s cities

    100 Under 40 making tomorrow’s cities

    Choiseul Institute, July 2018

  • 1st Prize – Bpifrance

    1st Prize – Bpifrance

    Talents BGE, October 2016

  • 1st Prize – CleanTech Open France 2016

    1st Prize – CleanTech Open France 2016

    Green chemistry category, September 2016

  • LVMH Innovation Award

    LVMH Innovation Award

    Startup Lab Station F, October 2017

  • Grand Prize

    Grand Prize

    Biennale 1.618 for Durable Luxury, June 2018

  • 1st Prize – ACCOR Hotels Challenge

    1st Prize – ACCOR Hotels Challenge

    VivaTechnology, August 2016

  • 1st Prize – TOTAL Energies

    1st Prize – TOTAL Energies

    TOTAL EDHEC Entreprendre, March 2016

  • Grand Prize Mecenate Besnard de Quelen

    Grand Prize Mecenate Besnard de Quelen

    Arts & Science Society (CNAM), January 2016

  • Regional

  • BE EST

    BE EST

    Investissement d'Avenir - Bpifrance, March 2018

  • Paris Innovation Amorçage

    Paris Innovation Amorçage

    Bpifrance, July 2017

  • FrenchTech Award

    FrenchTech Award

    Bpifrance, October 2016

  • 1st Prize – Plug&Start contest

    1st Prize – Plug&Start contest

    Troyes Technopole, July 2016

  • Innovation Prize

    Innovation Prize

    FIDAL law firm, April 2016

  • Grand Est Region

    Grand Est Region

    Innovation Award, September 2017

  • WILCO Award

    WILCO Award

    Paris Region, February 2018


  • MIT Technology Review
  • Le Monde
  • France Inter
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