We are a team of engineers
and scientists determined to develop
super materials. Join us! 

Here are our current job openings:

  • Internship / Chemical Engineer 2020/11/20
  • Work-study contract / PHD Student in Optics and Photonics 2020/09/17
  • Internship / Photo-Optical Engineer 2020/09/15
  • Internship / Mechatronics Engineer 2020/09/15
  • R&D / Production Operator 2020/06/26
  • Work-study contract / Business Development 2020/04/28
  • R&D Engineer – Materials Science / Wood Composite 2019/09/09
  • R&D Engineer – Composite Materials Processing 2019/09/02
  • R&D Technician – Composite Materials Processing 2019/08/25
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