During the luxury and packaging event of the “Places d’Or” 2018, Woodoo reveals for the first time to the public the exceptional qualities and properties of its differents wood species.
Walnut, sapelli or smoked eucalyptus can be discovered alongside the amazing plane tree, with its panther skin paterns, or the “simple” poplar, finally enhanced by the exclusive patented process of Woodoo.

Young bio-engineering startup specialized in the development of augmented wood, Woodoo transforms real wood and reinforces it at the molecular level to make it 3 times sturdier than conventional wood, weatherproof, more resistant to fire, 100% recyclable and incredibly translucent: an advanced high-performance material with unrivaled environmental performance and unprecedented aesthetics.

Its vast field of innovations has been rewarded with many international and national awards (MIT Innovator of the Year, Horizon 2020 Award from the European Commission, Solar Impulse Award…). The applications for this extraordinary material range from luxury to packaging and automotive, and soon to construction. Come and discover it from November the 13th to the 15th in the prestigious setting of Hotel Le Meurice in Paris!

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