Decarbonization of the industry, return to nature… Discover the video report of, the website of the French Government, on Woodoo’s biomaterials, on our process and vision for the industry (video in french).

Bioproduct Day is a celebration of all bioproducts that, like us, contribute to the wider goal of environmental sustainability and climate action. All answers are in Nature! Discover the interview of our CEO Timothée Boitouzet by Mark Rushton.

In this interview with Loève Saint-Ourens for FrancEclat TV’s innovation magazine, Olivier Grange, Woodoo’s SVP of marketing, explains the applications of our biomaterials, particularly in the fine watchmaking and retail sectors. (video in french)

During the Go Entrepreneur trade show, our CEO Timothée Boitouzet participated in the round table “From the idea to the company: how to finance your start-up?” (video in french)

Our digital augmented wood solutions are presented in Vivatech 15′ by VivaTech journalist and host Asha Sumputh and Tech Radar journalist Alexis Mulard.

In 2019, Woodoo was awarded by the JEC Composites Startup Booster. Discover the interview of Timothée Boitouzet 3 years later on JEC Web TV. Startup Booster helped us create strategic partnerships with some of our current partners. (video in french)

Brut visited us in Troyes to interview Timothée Boitouzet, CEO of Woodoo. A chronicle to discover in the program “Une minute pour innover” broadcasted on France 2. (video in french)

Discover our materials in the column “On n’arrête pas le progrès” of the EstelleMidi show presented by Estelle Denis and Anthony Morel on RMC Info Talk Sport and RMC STORY. (video in french)

Presentation of our materials by Anthony Morel and Sandra Gandoin in the “Culture Geek” column on BFM Business. (video in french)

Interview of our CEO Timothée Boitouzet in live at CES 2022, by our partner company, Seletch.

Canal 32 highlights Woodoo in Réussites, le mag éco, presented by Fabrice Schlosser! (video in french)

During the EPHJ 2021, our SVP Marketing and Communication, Olivier Grange, was interviewed to present Woodoo and our SLIM and STACK materials (video in french).

Interview with Olivier Grange, our marketing and communication director, who highlights the 3 visions of Woodoo through the video of HUB Institute, the official partner of VIVA TECHNOLOGY. (video in french)

Woodoo is featured in the SMART IMPACT TV show of may 6 2021, presented by Thomas Hugues on BSMART TV. In the SMART IDEAS section, our CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, explains how Woodoo gives wood pioneering properties, thanks to technology (video in french).

Our augmented wood offers a solution that combines innovation, locality and sustainability. It replaces environmentally damaging materials such as concrete, plastic and aluminium. Discover the new uses of wood that biomaterials will bring to our daily lives in the new episode of “Habitons demain” produced by TF1 and LeroyMerlin. (video in french).

We speed up and it shows! First visit in our production unit in Rosières-près-Troyes, where all the magic happens. Woodoo, under the spotlights from France 3 Champagne Ardenne (video in french).

Extract from the special CES 2021 Smart Tech broadcast presented by Delphine Sabattier on the BSMART channel. Cecilia SEVERI presents Woodoo in her chronicle ET DEMAIN? (video in french)

Woodoo is very proud to be selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation among their impressive panel of 500 brilliant innovations. We were happy to thank them for their constant support by participating in this celebration video.

JEC COMPOSITES highlights Woodoo among other innovators and composites experts in the very first edition of its TV Podcast. Watch the exclusive interview of our founder, Timothée Boitouzet.

The “Aujourd’hui pour Demain” series on Motherboard (the VICE channel that decodes the relationships between technology and society) explores the technology initiatives that are building our future. Awarded by EDF Pulse 2017, Woodoo’s innovative augmented wood is one of the most promising in the world. A video in french.

Woodoo has been labelled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution, one of the 1000 clean and profitable solutions selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation to help decision-makers adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

Fulbright, a Franco-American commission, has been a key partner in Woodoo’s development. Presentation by Timothée Boitouzet for the Fulbright For The Future award (in french).

Keynote by Timothée Boitouzet at EmTech France, as the MIT Technology Review french innovator of the year 2016.

Timothée Boitouzet in a report and an interview on the French television France 3, in the economical TV Show “In Situ” (french version only).

Woodoo presented on the french television France 2 in the morning TV show TéléMatin (in french)

Woodoo presented by Vodafone One (in spanish).

Woodoo presented by Timothée Boitouzet at the event L’Echappée Volée, now BOMA France (in french).

Woodoo presented on french TV M6 in the information program 19.45 (in french).

Woodoo reviewed by Anthony Morel with Jean-Jacques Bourdin: “super wood” for the architecture of the future, in Bourdin Direct show on french radio RMC (in french).

Anthony Morel highlights Woodoo’s “reinforced wood” on french television BFMTV, in Culture Geek show (in french).

One minute to learn more about Woodoo. Filmed by Welcome To The Jungle for the Concours Edhec Entreprendre (in french).

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