In its December issue, the French magazine Séquence Bois, targeting architectural practices and design offices, features our translucent wood among a selection of applications combining wood and light in architecture (article in french).

Woodoo is part of the Materials Encyclopedia for creatives. This book is an encyclopaedic collection of about 1,000 terms in this field. It presents traditional and frequently used materials as well as new and unexpected materials.

Once transformed, our augmented wood obtains new properties. It is stronger than traditional wood and becomes translucent. This article from the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty presents our genesis and the various applications of our biomaterials.(article in french)

MSM highlights our latest material innovations in the dossier “Materials of today and tomorrow” in its latest issue.(article in french)

This Science & Vie article explains how our augmented wood is transformed at the molecular level to become a translucent and more resistant material. This sustainable material replaces the emissive materials traditionally used in the construction industry (article in french).

This article by Direct Industry explains how Woodoo’s biomaterials will be substitutes for traditional high-emission building components, such as concrete or aluminum to engineer sustainable constructions.

Technology Designer Magazine features us in its overview of the impactful innovations featured at CES 2022, particularly in the area of interior design and display solutions.

The February issue of Le bois international magazine features new and innovative digital applications of our translucent wood. These are LIGHTR, a lighting solution, and JASPR, an LED screen wall, both covered with our augmented wood, SLIM.(article in french)

This article from the Timber Trade Journal focuses on two innovations made with authentic wood and unveiled by Woodoo at CES 2022.

During the EPHJ 2021, our SVP Marketing and Communication, Olivier Grange, was interviewed to present Woodoo and our SLIM and STACK materials (video in french).

The answers to global warming are already in nature! Discover how Woodoo bridges the gap between nature and technology with its augmented wood, in the Demain l’Éco podcast presented by Annabelle Grelier for France Culture.

Discover the magic of our augmented wood and its use in the world of high precision and watchmaking through this article by Joel Grandjean in the EPHJ Show Daily. Learn more about our sustainable biomaterials, SLIM, a translucent sheet of real wood, and Stack, a highly resistant block of wood, which, once machined, become authentic wooden dials and watch cases.

The construction industry produces 39% of all global carbon dioxide emissions worldwide each year.
In Transizione Ecologica, Costanza Peretti explains the role of augmented wood in making this industry more sustainable (article in Italian).

In architecture and design, we are seeing a resurgence of natural bio-based materials from wood.
In this article, Lifegate mentions some of the protagonists who transformed wood into a variety of sustainable, low-cost, aesthetic and high-tech materials. They promote sustainable forestry!

Bpifrance Le Hub and France Digitale present a mapping of impactful startups in the French entrepreneurial landscape.
This mapping is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to be achieved by 2030, set by the UN.The themes concerned are, for example, industry and mobility.

Did you know that the wood of the future has “superpowers”? 
In this 01 Building article, Costanza Peretti interviews Timothée Boitouzet, CEO of Woodoo, on the challenges of upgrading wood and transforming it into an innovative and sustainable biomaterial suitable for construction and electronics in particular(article in Italian).

Léo Sanmarty describes, for Climatico, how Woodoo transforms wood by injecting biosourced resin. He explains the ecological value of our technology in the construction sector.

Sifted, the new tech media co-founded by the Financial Times, is presenting Woodoo in an article that list the most promising Deeptech startups according to six major French investors: 360 Capital, SOSV – The Accelerator VC, Partech, XAnge, Elaia and Bpifrance. They had to explain which companies they were most excited about. There was only one rule: they could not include these companies in their own portfolios.

In the “Preview” of the JEC Composites Connect exhibition, which takes place online from June 1 to 2 2021, you can read about SWITCHR, a revolutionary wooden control panel, and JASPR, an innovative giant wooden screen. JEC Composites Connect is a trade fair organized by the JEC Group that brings together the entire composites sector. It aims to show the new trends in the composites industry and the dynamism of its players. It is a breath of fresh air that reveals the infinite possibilities of composites in the fields of aerospace, automotive, design and more.

Woodoo is featured in the SMART IMPACT TV show of may 6 2021, presented by Thomas Hugues on BSMART TV. In the SMART IDEAS section, our CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, explains how Woodoo gives wood pioneering properties, thanks to technology (video in french).

Thanks to biobased materials, the cities of tomorrow will become low-carbon. “T La Revue” profiles Timothée Boitouzet. The article explains how our biomaterial is revaluing wood to make it a visionary building material (article in french).


Our planet needs us to grow trees in sustainable forestry. CORDIS, the European Research and Development Information Service, explains how Woodoo biomaterials infuse technological projects in automotive, construction, and more, creating a major opportunity to have a significant positive impact on our environment (article in 6 languages).


How to combine technology and sustainability to serve design? Biomaterials also have their place in the automotive industry. The magazine Automobil Industrie explains new practices and trends throught Woodoo’s innovations (article in German).


Our augmented wood offers a solution that combines innovation, locality and sustainability. It replaces environmentally damaging materials such as concrete, plastic and aluminium. Discover the new uses of wood that biomaterials will bring to our daily lives in the new episode of “Habitons demain” produced by TF1 and LeroyMerlin. (video in french).

The German magazine Immobilien describes the potential of innovative biomaterials, especially in new uses of wood. (article in German).

It’s a focus on our mission and environmental objectives to replace harmful materials. This podcast n°38 make part of the technology section in the programme Le Journal Des Stratèges. It’s presented by Hamann & Benson Strategy (podcast in french).

Woodoo is proud to have won the jury’s “Coup de Coeur” award at the CIC Start Innovation Business Awards, a competition dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies. Maddyness offers us a retrospective of this event.



Following our Grand Prix at the “CIC Start Innovation” Grand Est awards, an excellent article from Forum Eco. It nicely summarizes our history, our vocation and our innovations. (article in french)



Wards Auto presents Woodoo as one of the 7 French start-ups innovating in 2020 to promote the development of electric vehicles. In this article, our augmented wood is described as a revolutionary material that allows the realization of tactile surfaces and high performance augmented wood structures, ideal for new generation electric vehicles.


The november issue of Le Figaro Sciences on “L’arbre est l’avenir de l’Homme” (“Tree is the future of mankind”) explains how design is creating new materials from trees. Our augmented wood is presented as a one-of-a-kind high-tech material (article in french).

This article, written by «French Design», presents Woodoo augmented wood as a bio-material that meets the needs of sustainable design, thanks to a lower impact on the environment and a better recyclability rate. (article in french)

Read Forbes’ insights on today’s luxury innovators. In this inspiring article, Woodoo is highlighted for its commitment towards societal impacts and its aim to fuse technology with Nature to reinvent translucent tactile surfaces for aeronautics and automotive luxury.

In this interview, Timothée Boitouzet, the founder of Woodoo, talks about our augmented, rot-proof and more resistant wood. Presented at the Emtech France event, this “reinforced wood” could, according to its creator, become the basic material for the cities of the future (article in french).

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