3 years after our Innovation Award at JEC World, Olivier Grange, SVP Marketing, talks on Autoroute INFO 107.7, next to the startup Kaïros (specialist of flax fiber composites) about the latest innovations and biomaterials from Woodoo (audio in french).

Decarbonization of the industry, return to nature… Discover the video report of Government.fr, the website of the French Government, on Woodoo’s biomaterials, on our process and vision for the industry (video in french).

In this interview with Loève Saint-Ourens for FrancEclat TV’s innovation magazine, Olivier Grange, Woodoo’s SVP of marketing, explains the applications of our biomaterials, particularly in the fine watchmaking and retail sectors. (video in french)

The Madera 21 association looks back at the creation of Woodoo. It presents our different families of materials and our innovative digital applications covered with augmented wood. (article in Spanish)

When they are transformed, our augmented wood sheets become translucent. Their various digital applications such as JASPR, our Wooden screen Wall, and LIGHTR, our wooden wall panel, can be used for interior design and retail.
Dagen Industri explains new innovations of translucent wood.

Our augmented wood acquires additional properties during processing. Our biomaterials can thus be transformed into digital interfaces – and all this on authentic wood! Read all about it in the “Our Future” section of Science du monde magazine No. 14. (article in French)

During the Go Entrepreneur trade show, our CEO Timothée Boitouzet participated in the round table “From the idea to the company: how to finance your start-up?” (video in french)

Our digital augmented wood solutions are presented in Vivatech 15′ by VivaTech journalist and host Asha Sumputh and Tech Radar journalist Alexis Mulard.

Wood naturally captures carbon, so by giving it augmented properties, we make it an ideal material for designing sustainable goods. Learn more about the potential of wood in green electronics in Bio Market Insights analysis.

In 2019, Woodoo was awarded by the JEC Composites Startup Booster. Discover the interview of Timothée Boitouzet 3 years later on JEC Web TV. Startup Booster helped us create strategic partnerships with some of our current partners. (video in french)

Brut visited us in Troyes to interview Timothée Boitouzet, CEO of Woodoo. A chronicle to discover in the program “Une minute pour innover” broadcasted on France 2. (video in french)

Discover our materials in the column “On n’arrête pas le progrès” of the EstelleMidi show presented by Estelle Denis and Anthony Morel on RMC Info Talk Sport and RMC STORY. (video in french)

Presentation of our materials by Anthony Morel and Sandra Gandoin in the “Culture Geek” column on BFM Business. (video in french)

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Woodoo unveiled two World Premiere innovations: a 4sq/m wooden screen wall and a wall light panel, both veneered with authentic wood. Discover them in this article from JEC Composites (article in french).

Interview of our CEO Timothée Boitouzet in live at CES 2022, by our partner company, Seletch.

L’Est-éclair reviews our two new demonstrators, LIGHTR and JASPR, featured at the largest innovation and technology exhibition, CES 2022. (article in french)

Canal 32 highlights Woodoo in Réussites, le mag éco, presented by Fabrice Schlosser! (video in french)

The Atlas ECO magazine, from the French East region of Aube, reveals how Timothée Boitouzet transformed the augmented wood, a breakthrough innovation, into industrial success (article in french).

In the latest issue of Science Magazine, Sacha Lorens presents our augmented wood, a sustainable material, which makes it possible, for example, to create digital interfaces on authentic wood. a real material of the future!

As Climate survival explains, our materials have mechanical properties that make them unique. They are more fire resistant, translucent and three to five times stronger than traditional wood.

Interview with Olivier Grange, our marketing and communication director, who highlights the 3 visions of Woodoo through the video of HUB Institute, the official partner of VIVA TECHNOLOGY. (video in french)

Augmented wood is a material of the future, especially in the automotive field for tactile applications on dashboards. (article in french)

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